WARP: Wide Area Resilient Protection

Relays play a crucial role in steering the dynamics of the electric grid during stressed system conditions. However, as some blackout logs have shown, relay misoperations during stressed conditions can trigger a cascade eventually leading to a blackout. Currently, there is no way to correct such misoperations, should they occur. WARP is an ambitious idea (leaning heavily on computation) to circumvent this problem.

Our main idea is to exploit  wide-area information to supervise relay operation, especially those attached to generator units and critical transmission lines.  Supervision is achieved by combining dynamic state estimation  and energy functions (rich in system dynamics) to classify and detect global events.

Ongoing work shows that this information can also be exploited to obtain look-ahead capabilities for relays which can be used to trip at opportune moments, or avert false trips when detected, thereby, making protection (more) resilient.

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation ( Award #1544621) via this grant: CPS: Breakthrough: WARP: with North Dakota State University (NDSU) as the lead in collaboration with New Mexico State University (NMSU).